The ‘‘Indywood’’ TV Man

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The ‘‘Indywood’’ TV Man

Being an actor its not so easy to maintain a profession like journalism, But, Mukesh M Nair, one of the respectable journalist of News channel in India, is really a person to look up for how to balance both acting and journalism.

In a conversation with the ANN News, Mukesh talks about his journey, aspirations, films, thoughts etc.

Mukesh started his career with Star news at the age of 23, soon after he completed journalism. He later shifted his career to India TV where he worked as Kerala Reporter, then bureau chief. He directed and presented various news programs on the economy, politics and culture on India TV.  He also worked as the Photo Journalist at AFP News Agency. And later he became the deputy editor of Yourstory.

In between, he marked a path in Malayalam movie Industry as well.  He acted in more than 10 movies within this short period of time.

''I think both mediums; films and TV are equal for the viewers. This hierarchy and difference have been created by us, Mukesh says. I give my best to all projects, irrespective of the medium they are aired on. I do the same thing I can if I have to work with News, I will give as much effort that when I do in films. At the end I am an actor, it's just that the medium keeps changing that doesn't make my efforts become less.''

While talking about the Project Indywood, he expressed the deep wishes of Sohan Roy, the founder chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies.

''Project Indywood seeks to unite the fragmented Indian regional film under one umbrella, INDYWOOD.India ranks top in terms of theatrical admissions and the number of films produced every year. But the Indian film industry lags behind in terms of revenue generation and achieving global recognition. This is due to the fragmentation of the film industry on the basis of language and geographical barriers within the country''

And through the project Indywood, we are planning to implement some revolutionary changes in production, screening and marketing strategies, as well as a new outlook to the business model of Indian cinema. As part of the $10 billion Indywood Project’s mission, new avenues of marketing for Indian cinema will be explored, by strengthening local and overseas distribution channels. The promotion and sale of regional content in the international market, exchange of local technologies and manpower, global networking of major production houses and collaborative ventures making use of local talents, are some of the key aspects of the project. He added.

One of the dream project of Indywood is to set up 10,000 4K Projection Multiplexes, 100,000 2K Projection Home Cinemas, Film Studios, Animation/VFX studios and Film Schools, conforming to international standards all over india.

As a part of make in india policy, they  plan to introduce latest technologies while promoting research & development in film industry equipment manufacturing and consumables. And also to create 100,000 job opportunities in the Animation, VFX, 2D-3D Conversion, VR & AR fields.

Some of the important events in Mukesh's career

                                                                          canne film festival 2017

                                                                               canne film festival 2017