US warns India against purchasing S-400 missile system from Russia

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US warns India against purchasing S-400 missile system from Russia

Washington has warned New Delhi that procurement of Russian advanced military systems may jeopardize defense cooperation and technology sharing between the US and India, as well as “interoperability” between their armed forces.

“There is a lot of concern in the US administration and Congress with the S-400,”House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry told India’s Economic Times daily, urging New Delhi not to rush and carefully consider all potential consequences of purchasing advanced Russian weapons. “There is concern that any country that acquires the system will complicate the ability of interoperability (with US forces).”

“The acquisition of this technology will limit, I am afraid, the degree with which the United States will feel comfortable in bringing additional technology into whatever country we are talking about,” Thornberry said in a separate interview with NDTV.

The decision to purchase the S-400, which New Delhi is expected to announce in October, could jeopardize sales of US-built Predator drones, despite the Trump administration’s recently-announced plans to ease arms sales to foreign countries, including India. The changes are designed to allow US arms suppliers to sell weapons to allies directly, circumventing the state department, the Pentagon, and Congress.

Source: RT