Baby Sitter Kills 2-Month-Old Boy

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Baby Sitter Kills 2-Month-Old Boy

 Horrific allegations are detailed in a criminal complaint filed against a 28-year-old woman named Marissa Tietsort charged with killing a baby in her care.Marissa Tietsort was charged Friday with first degree intentional homicide. If convicted, she faces a mandatory life sentence. The woman then pretended he was alive when she gave the boy back to his mother has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

Authorities found the mother trying to revive the boy, but he had died hours earlier of blunt force head injuries from multiple impacts to the head.During a court appearance Friday, Judge Jill Falstad issued a $500,000 cash bond for Tietsort and ordered that she have no contact with children or with the victim’s family, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Tietsort who is pregnant with her sixth child, has been in jail since October on a $250,000 cash bond in a separate child abuse case. If she is ever able to post bond, Tietsort is not allowed to leave Marathon County, the judge ruled. 

Tietsort told police she didn’t kill the baby, but knew he was dead, the complaint said. When her boyfriend got home that evening, they went to McDonald’s and she brought the dead baby with them, according to the complaint.After she gave the boy back to his mother, Tietsort, her boyfriend and their son went swimming at a local hotel, the complaint said.