Lock cupboard, All things of   steal ,how it possible?

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Lock cupboard, All things of   steal ,how  it possible?

At the time of locked all things of cupboard are stolen. Incident happened at staff quarter more area in Habra police station. Homemaker searched for key of room almirah  at Monday. She does not get. After that she open this with the help of duplicate key and saw  this was empty.

Key of almirah did  not find from Monday. But as regular use thngs are not in it no one try to open almirah. But as the celebration day of daughter, almirah was opened help of duplicate key. After that this mysterious incident came infront. They notice all jweelery are vanished from almirah. Except box.

House head syamaprasad malick said ,”more or less 7 lacs rupees ornaments are vanished. Their suspect at their servants. Because they take a nurse from Habra nurse centre before 7 or days. At the time of key lost case this woman was alone in this house. Habra police station police arrest this servant.