Panjab University elections : PU announces rally schedule

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Panjab University elections : PU announces rally schedule

Chandigarh :  The Panjab University authorities on Monday announced schedules for holding rallies by the student parties. The campaigning process will end at 5 pm on Tuesday. The PU authorities have allotted one hour to every party to conduct the campaign rally on the campus according to the Lyngdoh guidelines.

Enamul Nahar, Dean Students Welfare (DSW),  PU, said: “Six parties have been given slots for conducting rallies and have been asked to follow the guidelines of Lyngdoh strictly.” The party leaders were called for a meeting and were instructed not to use any vehicle in their rally. The first rally has
been allowed at 10.30 am and the last will be at 3.30 pm, said Nahar.

According to DSW, the SOI will take out the first rally at 10.30 am, then the SFS at 11.30 am, followed by ABVP at 12.30 pm. INSO will take out rally at 1.30 pm, NSUI can start at 2.30 pm and the PUSU will take out the last rally at 3.30 pm. After 5 pm, no party will be allowed to carry out further campaigning on the campus or to conduct a play or hold public meetings. The party leaders have been given strict guidelines for the same, said DSW Nahar.

Meanwhile, PUSU campus president Navaldeep said: “We will carry out our rally as per the Lyngdoh guidelines. If allowed, we will use e-rickshaws on the campus for the rally as vehicles are not allowed for campaigning.” The elections will be held on September 7. Security in the varsity has also been strengthen as PU security men and UT police officers keeping a close watch on the day-to-day activities. “We are also keeping an eye on the student unions if they are following the Lyngdoh guidelines. If they are found inappropriate in any manner, strict action leading to disqualification of the party will be taken,” said Nahar.

Alliances continue 2 days ahead of polls

The student parties on Monday continued to declared alliances. SOI got the unconditional support of SOPU. SOI also showed their alliance with PUHH. NSUI decalred alliance with HIMSU, HSA, and GGSU. PUSU has already announced alliance with PPSO, NSO and ISA. The SFS has decided to go ahead without any alliance. The ABVP and INSO have no alliance and both the parties have their single candidate.