Bahubali 2 the Conclusion—Much better film is Bahubali 1 the beginning .Even though it is fanctastic to watch . Some of the elements are imittated from other films.

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Bahubali 2 the Conclusion—Much better film is Bahubali 1 the beginning .Even though it is fanctastic to watch . Some of the elements are imittated from other films.

              Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord , she shall be praised. Here are two women that can be the examples for the above sayings. One is Dharmasena enacted by Anushka Shetty in Bahubali 2 and other Shivakami Devi the Mother of King in the Makizhmathi Kingdom enacted by Ramya Krishnan.Shivakami Devi does favors to her son PalvalDevan to get married the Princess of Kundala Desam. Dharmasena is beautiful but her 25 years are devastated by Palval Devan by killing her husband and holding her as the prisoner.

            This is the second part of Film Bahubali directed by S.S.Rajamouli,which tells us how Kattappa deceived and killed his King Bahubali.In the former  part of Bahubali Kattappa narrates to Mahendra Bahubali (Shiva) how his father Amarendra Bahubali fought for Makizhmathi and saved people of Makizhmathi simultaneously from this part Kattappa narrates the story of deceit that killed Amarendra Bahubali.

       Sivakami Devi is in search of Daughter in law who should also be wise that she is to become queen of Makizhmathi kingdom.None is apt for her son Amarendra proposed by the eminent people of court.Amarendra Bahubali reaches Kundala desam when sent to study about his people before becoming the king of Makizhmathi,where he and Kattappa happen to rescue the Princess of Kundala from the dread of bushrangers.He falls in love with Princess Dharmasena.

                         Dharmasena's uncle is a lazy one who feared to fight with the bushrangers.Amarendra and Kattappa without any fear(they need not have to have it)fought with the bushrangers and made them run away.So the princess imparts them shelter in the court without knowing who they are.She may have fallen love with Amarendra.Even though Kattappa incessantly urges him to reveal his identity he is the restraint to do it.

             Palvaldeva is acknowledged that what is going on in Kundala desam .That Amarendra is hiding in Kundala as a schmuck and also in love with Devasena.Palvaldeva makes misunderstand Sivakami Devi by putting a huge portrait of Devasena on the wall of the court and that he wishes to marry her.Sivakami Devi sends gifts for Devasena to propose her for Palvaldeva but denies Devasena.Sivakami sends soldiers to get Devasena armed and bring her into the court.

                   Amarendra and Kattappa fight with the soldiers of Makizhmati to help survive Devasena .These fight might  be reminding viewers the scenes of The Great Wall  of China.In the first part of Bahubali, there was also scene likewise this one that Mahendra and Avanthika escaping from soldiers as well as the  avalanche .Though it is not boring it reminds us of other films.After all, Amarendrea marries Devasena but Sivakami thinks that Devasena is brought to the court for Palvaldeva.Kattappa reveals that he had been  mistaken in discerning what Sivakami thought at that time of coming with gifts to Devasena whom  Mother of King proposed for Amarendra.Sivakami asks Devasena to sit with his son,Devasena moves to Amarendra which irritates Sivakami.Amarendra reminds the Mother his oath to protect Devasena's proud and  her body.Only one way was there for Amarendra as Sivakami ordered that he could take the throne or Devasena and he proposed for Devasena and he abdicates.And Palvaldeva is proclaimed as the King of Makizhmathi and Amarendra the commander in chief .We feel that it is a humiliation for Devasena.

       Another crucial incident had been taken place in the premises of court that when ladies were coming to worship their lord in the court and Devasena was with them who was barred by a soldier saying it was the time to the coming of King and Devasena's direction of passing deviated.When the ladies were climbing the path the same soldier began to molest the ladies and  when the time came for he tried to touch Devasena's body and without any hesitations she cut his fingers with his own knife.

         Devasena is brought into the court for trial and punishment.There were heated arguments between Devasena and Palvaldeva and Sivakami about their laws.Amarendra comes .He asks Devasena what happened and Devasena explained .Amarendra says it is not his fingers but his head is to be proposed for decapitated.Amarendra cuts off his head and Devasena's handcuffs before the eyes of King and Mother King.Amarendra is so ousted from his post and punished to live out of the court.People cries for Amarendra and Devasena who became the embodiment of valor and goodness and abdication.Some of the men say to the weeping women that The God has returned to their holes.Amarendra is admired and honored more and more because of his benevolence that he showed to the people.He helped poor people  bring water from the river in an easy way which was a new technology to them.Palvaldeva watches all these things from the top and again he becomes jealous to Amarendra and he and his father thinks of a new way to conspire against Amarendra and kill him.

                    So Kumara Varman is made mistaken by Bhijjala Deva that his son Palvaldeva is an enemy to the kingdom and Amarendra so as to assassinate Sivakami and Amarendra that Palvaldeva is to be killed in any way .Bhijjala Deva begs for Kumar Varman's  help to annihilate Palvaldeva.  Kumara Varman believes that  all of it is true and with help of Bhijjal Deva he enters into the throne room with two helpers to kill Palvaldeva.But it was a trap into which Kumar Varman had  fallen without  a thought  .Kumar Varman is killed by Palvaldeva and Bhijjal Deva and they make understand Sivakami that Amarendra tried to kill Palval Deva and Amarendra became dangerous to the Kingdom .So Sivakami orders to kill Amarendra which is done by Kattappa who had firstly denied to do but was persuaded .

                    People of Kalakeya comes to fight with soldiers of  Makizhmathi .Amarendra reaches there to help the soldiers knowing Kattappa is in  danger .The dialogues between Kattappa  and Amarendra are touching.In the end, he finds his sword digging Amarendra's back.Kattappa curses Sivakami in  the courtroom for what she had done without knowing he is a dog of the throne.Devasena also comes there with a suppressed weep with her newborn child.They think even this child Mahendra Bahubali should be survived from the malevolence of Palvaldeva.Kattappa helps Sivkami escape with child Mahendra .

            Hearing this narration from Kattappa Mahendra Bahubali readies the people of Makizhmathi to fight against Palvaldeva and he does and he wins in the end.He kills Palvaldeva in the tomb of dried branches of trees that was created by Devasena in the long run of punishment of 25 years and Mahendra is throned by Devasena for Makizhmathi and crown of malevolence is thrown in the waterfall of the river.

            Compared to the first part of Bahubali it loses clarity in some places of the story as in the case of Kalakeyans of the black people coming to fight with Mahendra and Kattappa and order of Sivakami to kill Amarendra and taking the order by Kattappa only for that it would give sin of killing  to Sivakami.Fighting scenes of this film are fantastic and better- watching components of this film though some of it is imitated from the film The Great Wall.Bahubali 1 the beginning is much better than this conclusion.