Daisy Shah to play in Mumtaz ‘s biopic ?

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Daisy Shah to play in Mumtaz ‘s biopic ?


Mumbai : Jai Ho actress Daisy Shah wants to work in a biopic of Mumtaz. She says that her life is very similar to yesteryear actress Mumtaz and if given a chance, she would like to step into her shoes in the latter's biopic.

'In terms of work, I would like to work on a biopic, and some people that I have met have mentioned that my life, in some way, is similar to Mumtazji's. She was also a dancer and then became an actress so in that way, I relate with her. So I think if I get the chance, I would like to work in a biopic on Mumtaz,' said Daisy.

Asked if she takes Salman Khan's suggestion while deciding which films to choose, Daisy said, 'Of course I take his suggestion... since I am his prodigy, it's my solemn duty to do that. He also said he has heard a lot about our director and I think that's why he gave me the thumbs up to do this film, under a very experienced director.'

There are rumours that Daisy will be starring with Salman in his next, titled Race 3. Asked how true the rumours were, Shah said: 'I am as aware of this as much the media is. Back when Jai Ho was released, I spoke to Ramesh sir. He had considered me for a role in Race 3 and then it was declared that our film (Jai Ho) was an 'average film'.

'I understand that if Salman's film does not cross Rs 200 crore, then it's a flop film. But as a debutante, my film did Rs 100 crore and I am very happy about it. But now everyone's mindset has changed, and if people think that I am doing Race 3, then I really hope it happens soon.'

Daisy was last seen in 2015's Hate Story 3 directed by Vishal Pandya with Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi and Zareen Khan.