‘Don’t Touch Me, I’m Celebrity’: Twitter Mocks Ranu Mondal for ‘Misbehaving’ with Fan

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‘Don’t Touch Me, I’m Celebrity’: Twitter Mocks Ranu Mondal for ‘Misbehaving’ with Fan

In the entertainment world, things move fast. Take the case of singer Ranu Mondal, for example. The woman, whose luck turned after she was 'discovered' singing a sorrowful and now viral rendition of the Hindi song 'Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai' on a railway platform, went from being a nobody to a virtual celebrity in just a matter of weeks.

And now, it seems Mondal is not just a celebrity but a fussy one at that. The singer, who has already recorded three songs with Bollywood music director Himesh Reshamiya, was recently seen behaving rather highhandedly with a fan who wanted to take a selfie.

In the video, a woman can be seen approaching Mondal from behind and tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention for a selfie during an event. However, an irritated-looking Mondal does not take kindly to the gesture and taps the woman's shoulder in return asking 'What is this?' in Hindi

While 'aam janta' is used to watching celebrities throw tantrums at fans and journalists (some of whom can undoubtedly be invasive and annoying), many on social media were surprised by Mondal's allege misbehavior. Twitter and Instagram flooded with criticism for Ranu with fans claiming that given the singer's humble origin story, it was perhaps too soon for Mondal to acquire such celebrity airs.