Farmers meet Rajinikanth, remind him of decade-old Rs 1 crore promise for river interlinking

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Farmers meet Rajinikanth, remind him of decade-old Rs 1 crore promise for river interlinking

Farmers association leader Ayyakannu met with Rajinikanth and stated that the superstar handed over to him Rs 1 crore for river interlinking project, but he refused to take it.

Moments after reaching Chennai, farmers association leader Ayyakannu went straight to Rajinikanth's house at Poes Garden and met with him for nearly 30 minutes. Ayyakannu explained that he went and met with Rajinikanth as a result of an All India Farmers meet in New Delhi where questions were raised as to why Tamil Nadu farmers didn't approach Rajinikanth even after he had promised to donate Rs 1 crore for the project a decade ago.

'He met with us and very much appreciated the way we protested in Delhi. He asked his PA to bring Rs 1 crore and asked us to take it with us immediately,' stated Ayyakannu.

But Ayyakannu and others refused to accept the donation and asked Rajinikanth to give it to the Prime Minister.

'He is a Superman. If he gives the money to the prime minister, PM will take the money and do something. If Rajinikanth gives the money to us, what can we do!' Ayyakannu stated about the practical difficulty.

Ayyakannu made it very clear that Rajinikanth appreciated their protest but didn't give any kind of categorical support to them, as it might lead to controversies. He did ask them to continue their protest in Gandhian way of non-violence. Ayyakannu also appreciated Rajinikanth's gesture but called this as only the first step.

'We might require Rs 10 lakh crores for the rivers interlinking project and Rajinikanth showed interest in interlinking Mahanadi, Cauvery, Krishna Paalaru and Pennaru, and said that he will immediately speak with the Prime Minister about it,' Ayyakannu happily explained.