Five reasons to watch Aadhi

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Five reasons to watch Aadhi

Mohanlal fans have been waiting for a day like January 26, 2018, for years together. Their beloved Lalettan's son Appu aka Pranav Mohanlal, who has proved his acting talent years ago by winning a State Award as a child artiste for the film Onnaman, had been staying away from the limelight for long. Finally, he decided to follow his dad's footsteps in September, 2016 and his debut movie 'Aadhi' will hit theaters tomorrow. Apart from being a debut vehicle for Rajavinte Makan, why should you watch the movie? Before Aadhi movie review is out, here are five reasons for you:

1) The protagonist, of course

The man has been an enigma for long, with his long undone hair, jealousy-inducing tours across the world and unconventional choices. People have been raving about the personality that he has grown up to be, for long, including those who have known him since childhood and others whom he has assisted. While we might not get a glimpse of his personal side, this is the chance to see how much of his dad's talent, he has inherited. Will he too win our hearts as an actor? January 26 has the answer!

2) A Jeethu Joseph directorial

He has thrilled us through films like 'Drishyam' and 'Memories,' and have also made us laugh through movies like 'My Boss.' What does he have to offer us through the film about a budding musician? The two teasers which were released hint that the movie has a little bit of everything, from Jeethu's dupe-less action to some hearty music. Can't wait to see all the items hidden in the tempting package that Aadhi is!

3) Parkour on display

Parkour is a form of acrobatic physical training that involves one crossing obstacles by running, climbing, jumping, rolling and swinging. Parkour techniques have been featured in action scenes of Hollywood movies such as District 13, Casino Royale, Bourne Ultimatum and Prince of Persia. Pranav, who is used to gymnastics, skydiving and rock climbing, didn't have a hard time picking up parkour for Aadhi. Mohanlal told us earlier, 'In fact, even now he does gymnastics. So, he has that fluid body language that will help him learn parkour. I think that's why he chose this movie as he might have felt it suited his skills.'

4) Jagapathi Babu, yet again

After winning over Malayalam audience as the elusive villain Daddy Girija in Pulimurugan, Telugu star Jagapathi Babu is back in Malayalam. We hear that he is the antagonist in the film, though Jeethu Joseph has not revealed anything about it yet. Actor Sijoy Varghese, who was part of movies like 'Bangalore Days,' is also among the film's cast.


5) The Premam trio

Krishna Shankar, Siju Wilson and Sharafudheen, the terrific trio from Premam who made us laugh out loud through their antics, will be seen again together in Aadhi. The details about their roles are not known yet, but one has reasons to believe that their presence will lighten up the mood and add fun to the proceedings.