Just like Aamir Khan, his son Azad also cries while watching films

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Just like Aamir Khan, his son Azad also cries while watching films

Do you think Aamir Khan is the only person who could cry after watching films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan and Katti Batti? Well, you are wrong. Aamir’s youngest son, Azad Rao Khan, too takes after his father. The child apparently broke down while watching his father in PK.

Speaking at a recent promotional event for his upcoming film, Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan has said his son Azad too cries when he watches films. “We had taken Azad to the screening of PK, and I don’t know what happened, he just started howling in the theatre,” Aamir told T2online.

“Oh yes, I remember, I was with you at that screening. Do you remember why he started crying, Advait? There was a scene where you were getting beaten up by the mob and he didn’t like it,” Aamir said while addressing Secret Superstar director Advait Chauhan.

“Yes, I remember now. Kiran had to rush out with him because he was wailing in the theatre,” he added.

Aamir further said, “Azad is just five, he can’t really differentiate between real and reel as yet. So when he saw me getting punched and then I was bleeding, he thought I was hurt and that upset him. Even after PK, we’ve tried watching other films of mine with him but it doesn’t go down well with him. He prefers the real papa, not the reel one, I guess,” he added.