Look this Pakistani Priyanka chopra, the picture is getting viral

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Look this Pakistani Priyanka chopra, the picture is getting viral

Mumba i: After Katrina Kaif, actress Priyanka Chopra has got two sympathies. Recently, the pictures of Canada-based Indian and weightlifter Navpreet Banga made an impression on the Internet.

Nobody can say that it's is not Priyanka Chopra. The picture of another episode of Priyanka is getting viral. The special thing is that Hasina is Pakistani and she is being called as Pakistani Priyanka Chopra.

According to the information, the name of this Pakistani Hasina is Zale border., Model and actress from Zale profession. Jale had himself mentioned that people sometimes understand him as Priyanka Chopra.

Jale, while sharing an incident related to this, said that once she was hosting a show, people thought the show is hosting Priyanka Chopra. At the same time, they had to tell the people that she was not quite a priece.

Jale also said that once he had a call from India to do a double body for Priyanka Chopra from India. Jale had also told that when Priyanka became Miss World, during that time she had stepped into the modeling industry and in the meantime Indian channels were banned in Pakistan.

They also got a lot of disappointment from this point. Zale said that she has become so famous as Priyanka's heartbreaking that Priyanka Chopra herself will have to know about them. Jale has posted many great pictures on the Instagram.