Parvati Nair says she is nervous about acting with Mohanlal

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Parvati Nair says  she is nervous about acting with Mohanlal

Actress Parvatii Nair has probably got her best New Year gift, landing a plum role in debutant director Ajoy Varma's project with Mohanlal. She has already begun shooting for the movie and is all eager to work with the superstar, for the first time in her career.
'He is one of my favourite actors and easily one of the best in the country,' she says. 'As I will be acting alongside him, there will be this constant fear of how I will match up to his performance. That's something I am really nervous about.'Parvatii says that her role in the yet-to-be-titled film is a complete contrast to that of rustic belle in her previous film Nimir, which is the Tamil remake of Maheshinte Prathikaram. 'In Ajoy's film, I play an urban character but she's got her own quirks and surprises. The movie doesn't have a lot of characters and so mine is pivotal to the plot, and something very different from what I have done so far,' she says.

Being cast for the movie was a surprise, she admits. 'I had met Ajoy a few weeks ago but I was circumspect if they would cast me as it's a big project and they probably wanted big names to be part of it. I wasn't sure I would be acting in the movie till my first take was shot on Tuesday in Mumbai,' she signs off.

Earlier there were rumours that Trisha, Meena and Prakash Raj were also part of the movie but Santhosh T Kuruvilla, who is backing the film, denies these reports. 'Currently only Parvatii, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sai Kumar and Dileesh Pothan are cast. We are also looking out for another actress to play Mohanlal's wife in the movie,' he says.

The film, which is touted to be a travel story, will be shot extensively in Mumbai, Pune and Satara in Maharasthra. It will also have short schedules in Mangoliaand Thailand.