Robert Downey Jr’s original Iron Man suit stolen

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Robert Downey Jr’s original Iron Man suit stolen

The suit apparently went missing from the facility in the Pacoima neighbourhood between February and April 25.“It was reported by the storage facility that the prop was missing. It is considered a burglary,” an LAPD spokesperson told PEOPLE.

Los Angeles police Officer Christopher No said Wednesday a police report was filed Tuesday and that the suit’s estimated value is $325,000.

Downey Jr wore the red and gold suit, the Mark 3, in the first Iron Man movie, released in 2008. The film kick started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has become the highest grossing film franchise in history, with earnings exceeding $16 billion over the last decade.

The first Iron Man film made $580 million and transformed Downey Jr, fresh out of celebrity jail after ahistory of drug abuse, into a bonafide movie star. The actor now commands a $20 million plus salary for these films.