Tina Dutta to act as ‘sex worker’

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Tina Dutta to act as ‘sex worker’

New Delhi :Tina, who appears as a sex worker in the upcoming show of producer Rashmi Sharma. This show will be on the colorful channel.

Earlier, the character was offered to Hina Khan, but Heena is busy in 'Bigg Boss 11' so much. Tina Duti is doing backfire from the show of the Colorado show Meena Bazaar. The show's producer is Rashmi Sharma. This show is Inspiron from Salman Khan's 'Bagi' by Rishi Rafar's 'Taawife' movie.

This series called Meena Bazaar is named after Kalraj T. Even the running slot will be shown on. The show's entire team will be flying to Kolkata for the show's shoot. There will be a long shot at real location in Kolkata, after which it will be set in Mumbai.

The serial maker, Rashmi Sharma, was looking for the right face for the role of sex worker in the long-term show. For this show, the channel was in full swing to sign Hina Khan, but Hina later turned her into a 'Big Boss' show.

According to reports, many actors also gave auditions for 'Meena Bazar' show, including Salman's co-starring actress Sanaa Ullal in 'Lucky'. Besides Sneha, the names of actors like Neha Pendes, Rati Pandey were also suggested for this role. Eventually the show named Tina Dutta final for the show.