Sabudana Kheer Recipe

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 Sabudana Kheer Recipe

Recipe Servings: 8

Prep Time: 5-7 Minutes

Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Total Cook Time: 37 Minutes

Sabudana Kheer is a delicious festive dessert made with sabudana (tapioca pearls) flavored with cardamom and saffron.

Ingredients of Sabudana Kheer

1 cup sabudana  (tapioca)

1 1/2 cup sugar

1 litre milk

4 cardamom pods

A few flakes of saffron color

How to Make Sabudana Kheer

Soak the sabudana in water for 15 minutes.

Boil milk with the sugar and cardamoms and add the sabudana after draining the water. Add 1 cup of water.

Boil until the sabudana becomes swollen and translucent.

Soak saffron flakes in a 1/4 cup of hot milk for 10 minutes.

Mix to squeeze out color and add all of it to the boiling milk.

Nutritional Information

Calories 295.6 Kcal



N/A Cholesterol



Calcium: 151.9 mgPhosphorous: 114.4 mgVitamin A: 66.2 IU

Key Ingredients: tapioca, sugar, green cardamom, saffron, milk

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