The best egg dishes in Delhi

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The best egg dishes in Delhi

Eggs don’t deserve the bad press they’ve been getting all these years. And while new studies maintain that eggs are good for you, people continue to look at these protein balls with suspicion. When I tell my friends that I have an egg a day, eyebrows go up faster than NASA rockets. Eggs, they say scream. One whole egg, did you say? And with the yolk?

Thankfully, there are many others like me who love their eggs – and are proud to say so. One such gentleman is Rahul Mehra, who runs a place called Rahul Eggs in Keshav Puram in north Delhi. I had heard paeans sung to it, so I decided it was time I visited it.

The experience was mind boggling. Rahul Eggs sells 505 different kinds of egg preparations. It is known mostly for its omelettes, but there are other dishes, too, such as French toasts, half-fried eggs, boiled eggs, bhurji and so on. The omelettes come not just with various kinds of fillings, but also experiment with different cuisines. All the dishes are cooked in butter, and many come folded in a slice of bread.

But first let me tell you about Rahul. He has been selling egg dishes for the last 28 years. He started with a small outlet in Ashok Vihar, and now has flourishing eateries in Keshavpuram and Pitampura. Plans are afoot to set up a restaurant somewhere in south Delhi now.

The Keshavpuram restaurant is just outside the Metro station. We went in, had a look at the humungous menu card – and were floored.

I started with their Special Monako, for which a slice of garlic bread is dipped in egg batter and fried. This is then served hot with mayonnaise piped on all the sides and a small well of tomato ketchup at the centre. I had the DJC – Diamond Jalandhari Cream. This is an interesting omelette, with two different kinds of flavours vying for attention – a spicy, tomato-based chicken curry and cream.

The omelette comes wrapped around a slice of bread. On one side of the omelette was the Jalandhari gravy, and the other side, plain cream. I also tried out their Jalandhari chicken omelette, which came studded with pieces of fried chicken. He adds mayo, chilli sauce and other such flavours to add to the taste.