HIV-Infected Blood Given To Pregnant Woman In Tamil Nadu Government Hospital

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HIV-Infected Blood Given To Pregnant Woman In Tamil Nadu Government Hospital

CHENNAI: A 24-year-old pregnant woman who went for a blood transfusion at a government hospital in Tamil Nadu has complained that she was given HIV-infected blood.The transfusion of unscreened blood came to light when the 21-year-old man who had donated the blood underwent regular medical examination. After confirming the initial diagnosis, he immediately notified doctors of the blood donation drive he had participated in earlier.

An employee of a blood bank attached to a government hospital in Sattur, near Virudhunagar, has been dismissed, while two others have been suspended in connection with the incident, health department officials said on Wednesday. If not for the off-chance discovery of his HIV status by the donor of the infected blood, this incident might not have come to light.

Joint Director of Health Services, Virudhunagar, R Manoharan told news agency PTI that the woman was admitted to a private hospital in Sattur for the birth of her second child and the doctors advised her to have a blood transfusion citing haemoglobin deficiency.Blood brought from a blood bank was transfused to her. It later emerged that the donor was HIV positive, the official said, adding the recipient's blood was also tested, which confirmed that she too had got infected by the virus.

The woman has been put on anti-retroviral treatment because doctors say instant detection gives her a chance to live a long life. But the family now has to wait till she delivers her baby to find out if the baby too has been infected with HIV.District Medical Deputy Director Manoharan has ordered a re-test of all blood samples at 10 government blood banks and four private blood banks.