1800 government employee may lost job

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1800 government employee may lost job

For alis 1800 government employees may lost job. Central allocate a notice about it. Notice said if any employee get job for false certificate then he or she will be terminated from his or her job.

Before some days claimed that recruitment of job by false sc,st or obc certificate. So central wants to take step for it. Central  Government also collect documents..

One government report said that, more than 1800 employee get job by false certificate in central government.  Government take dicision to terminate those employee. Report said  more or less employee now in bank,insurance, financial sector.

Worker state minister jitendra sing announced about false caste certificate at March in parliament. He said that total 1832 employees are under false certificate. 276 of them are terminated. 521 of them are now under of acts. And 1035 case under of court. 1296 are in financial sector. 157 of them in state bank, 135 are in canara bank, 112 are overseas bank, 103 cindicate bank.