One Body Recovered From Rat-Hole Mine In Meghalaya

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One Body Recovered From Rat-Hole Mine In Meghalaya

Indian Navy divers have retrieved one body of the trapped workers at the rate-hole mine in Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills district, after more than a month, on Thursday morning. At least 15 workers have been trapped inside the rate-hole mine since December 13 last year.

'One body detected by Indian Navy divers using underwater ROV at a depth of approximately 160 feet and 210 feet inside a rat-hole mine,' a Navy spokesperson said in a statement. The body has been brought up to the mouth of the rat-hole mine and will be extracted out of it under the supervision of doctors.

Senior government officials, who did not want to be identified, said that high Sulphur content in the mines may have led to the decomposition of bodies. Forensic Experts have been called for DNA test to identify and match the skeletal remains. The team is likely to arrive by this evening.

The body was spotted with the help of one Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle used by navy divers for searching objects underwater. The body was detected at a depth of nearly 210 feet inside the rat-hole mine.