Rahul Gandhi tells Supreme Court, RSS did not assassinate Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi tells Supreme Court, RSS did not assassinate Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi's claim that he did not blame the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on the RSS or the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh  has been accepted by the Supreme Court, which has said that it will formally clear the Congress Vice-President of defamation charges next week on September 1.

The RSS is the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP.  It sued Mr Gandhi for defamation over a speech he gave in 2014 while campaigning in Maharashtra for the general election that his party lost abysmally.

Mr Gandhi, 46, was reported as saying that the RSS had assassinated Gandhiji. Today, his lawyer, former union minister Kapil Sibal, told judges that Mr Gandhi had not blamed the RSS as an institution for the killing of the Father of the Nation, but 'people associated with it.'

Mr Gandhi said his remark had been misinterpreted by the RSS worker who filed the initial complaint against him. He had last month refused to apologise and settle the case. 

The Supreme Court has asked the complainant to offer his response, but made it clear that it will dismiss the case against Mr Gandhi next week. 'We understand the accused never blamed RSS as the killer of Gandhi but a person associated with the RSS,' the court said.