Time to imbibe the spirit of Ramadan

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Time to imbibe the spirit of Ramadan

Ramadan has come once again. It is not all about putting together extravagant dishes for all to eat at Iftar, instead it is the oppurtunity to ask for forgiveness and change our negative ways of life.
Muslims all over the world submit themselves with reverence to the fasts of Ramadan to reflect on the spirit of this holy month. Ramadan is a month during which we learn to be faithful, abstain from worldly desires, strengthen self control and achieve self control. It teaches us to empathise with the hunger. The holy Quran was revealed during this month.

From ethical and moral perspectives, we should contemplate the higher purpose and the deeper meaning of our lives, trying to live meaningfully, balancing our physicality with our spirituality. 
Fasting promotes heightened level spiritual consciousness and spirituality has an internal as well as an external dimension. Internally, it refers to the purification of the self from the evils of bad intention, deceit, hypocrisy, selfishness, cowardice, arrogance, prejudice.

Outwardly, it is manifested in one's positive attitude, good behaviour and noble character. Ramadan is the perfect time to engage in introspection and to take a close look at our feelings, thoughts and action, and resolve to make improvements.

Charity and generosity are urged during this holy month.