“Youth Icon” of Govindarajanagar constituency

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“Youth Icon” of  Govindarajanagar constituency

In today's society the parents who teach children to the political arena are very little. However, Mrs. Krishnappa, a prominent housing minister, introduced his son to politics and made him a “young power” of Karnataka state. Father M. Krishnappa's path is a young youth's favorite leader, who has grown up in the vision and has already done a lot of development in the field and is credited as the loyal legislator. At the first stage of their politics after winning the strong leaders like V. Somanna. In the present time, the BJP has been a strong question in the party who is contesting this time against Priyanka Krishna. The people of the constituency of Govindarajanagar say that it is difficult for anyone to contest election against Priyakrishna.

The people of the constituency say that the MLAs have been informed about the progress of various works undertaken under the 'Nagaroththana scheme' of the Karnataka State Government and informed the Municipal Commissioner and informed the relevant authorities and informed the concerned authorities that they will continue to address issues of people soon. Not just emphasizing social work, but also encouraging education, sports and many other activities. He has done a lot of development work and has become the young MLA of the state of Karnataka.