Greenland Ice melting quicker than , scientist reports

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 Greenland Ice melting quicker than , scientist reports

The Ice Melt records above midwinter standard rate in the balance zone of the west-central Greenland Ice sheet, appears to speed up during the time of summer melting. The hastening of the ice as per the surface melting duration, preceded by deceleration after the melting stops, specifies that the glacial sliding is increased by the quick relocation of the surface melt-water to the ice-bedrock surface.

The variations of ice acceleration recorded between the years correlates with the changes in the intensity of the surface melting, associated with the mounting increase in summer melting. The evidence of the coupling between ice-sheet flow and surface melting give a mechanism of large-scale, fast, active responses of ice sheets to the climate temperature.

The detail study gives evidences of Greenland loss of 2,7000 gigatons (2,700 billion metric tons) from 2003-2013 of ice when the estimated loss was likely 2,500.

This makes it clear that the ice melt rate as predicted by the scientists from 2003-2013 is falsified. Greenland was expected to lose 2,500 gigatones but has lost nearly 7.6 per cent more, that is, 2,700 gigatonnes, claims Michael Bevis, professor of the Ohio State University.

He states, some 40 million years before, certain areas of Greenland crossed over an increasingly hot column of partly molten rock that is now placed underneath the Iceland. He further adds that the earth’s crust in the part of Greenland is gradually heading towards the northwest.