Success Stories of Indian Football from disapproval to Gold medal win

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Success Stories of Indian Football from disapproval to Gold medal win

 Which is the biggest victory on football by India? Eminent sports journalist and commentator Novy Kapatiya says that it is the gold medal win at Jakarta Asian Games in 1982 .He puts reasons for that, in his new book.

In the premier matches Korea had defeated India on 2-0. One of the best defenders that India had ever seen Jernail Singh was injured on head during the match against Thailand. He got ten stiches. India had to complete the match with ten players .But strategy of coach S.A Rahim that changed the formation brought victory on 4-1.

But the biggest strategy of the coach was that the injured Jernail Singh was brought back as centre forward in the semi-final against Vietnam. He thought that it would give previous mental weight to the team. Jernail had scored the second goal for India. With 3-2 India had won.

On the day before the final when walking with the players the coach said to them “tomorrow you should give me a gift”.

The viewers was against India because the representative of India had criticised the hosting nation Indonesia for not participating Israel and Taiyuan .Nearly one lakhs of viewers did not respect when Indian national anthem played. Nobody was there to encourage the Indian boys.

But there was a group putting hands together unexpectedly. That was Pakistan hockey team who had defeated India in final on 2-0 beforehand.

In the final of fractured fight India had won on 2-1.

When the team came back at Kolkata with the glorious victory coach Rahim became in an abject condition. His disease was diagnosed as Lungs Cancer and the very next year he passed away. But his boys could have given the gift that he had asked.

It is a perfect journey on Indian football that is done by Novy Kapatiya in his book named Bare foots to Boots. The language he used in this book is simple English .Football lovers should read it certainly.