German Politicians Targeted In ‘Mass Hack Attack

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German Politicians Targeted In ‘Mass Hack Attack

Hackers have leaked the personal data of hundreds of German politicians in what is being described as one of the country’s worst ever cyber attacks.

MPs’ mobile numbers and addresses, as well as their emails, bills and credit card information, were published on the internet, as were photos of their personal IDs.

Data from celebrities and journalists were also leaked.It is unclear who was behind the hack, which emerged on Twitter last month in the style of an advent calendar. The hack has impacted national, regional and EU politicians from all major parties except for members of the far-right Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD) party.

 The information leaked was of personal nature, some of which are several years old, however, no politically sensitive information appears to have been published. The Twitter account that appears to have been linked to an internet platform based in Hamburg has now been deleted.