Headphones that can clear wax out of a person’s ears in 35 seconds made

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Headphones that can clear wax out of a person’s ears in 35 seconds made

A company has created headphones that can clear wax out of a person's ears in 35 seconds, replacing harmful cotton swabs and costly visits to the doctor.

Seattle-based start-up SafKan developed a device that can clean both ears simultaneously in under a minute by injecting a mixture of hydrogen peroxide into the ear to loosen up wax before suctioning it out.

Millions of Americans experience excess or impacted ear wax that can cause pain, hearing loss, balance problems and other health problems. 

Trying to remove that ear wax with Q-tips can cause even more damage to the ear's delicate skin and potentially lead to a ruptured ear drum.

SafKan's CEO claims that not only does this new technology make ear-cleaning more pleasant for users, it could also save significant time and money for physicians.

Ear wax is a sticky yellow substance that is produced in the ear canal in order to block dust, dirt, bacteria and other foreign objects from entering the body. 

One in 10 children, one in 20 adults and one in three geriatric patients have excess or impacted ear wax, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Physicians in the US perform more than 12 million earwax removal procedures every year by squirting water into the ear canal with a blunt syringe.

The procedure has been around since 1821 and isn't very precise, efficient or convenient.

After years of visiting his doctor to have impacted ear wax removed, Aadil Diwan came up with the idea for OtoSet and brought his brother Sihal on to run the business.