Moto X4 first impressions: A shiny new smartphone in the mid-range category

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Moto X4 first impressions: A shiny new smartphone in the mid-range category

Moto X4 aka Moto X 4th generation is a shiny new smartphone from Motorola. The smartphone debuted in India in September and almost after one and half months, it launched in India on Monday.

With price starting at Rs 20,999, Moto X4 is positioned at the top spectrum of the company’s mid-range portfolio, sandwiched between the budget Moto G and premium Moto Z lineups. The smartphone isn’t big on specifications but rather aims to achieve a balance of style without compromising on the performance.

In line with the company’s aim to tap style-focused users, Moto X4 comes with a combination of glass back and front along with metal sideframes. Both front and back come with Gorilla Glass 3 protection, making it little sturdier than usual glass panels.

Thankfully, the glass is not a fingerprint magnet, which has been the flipside of most glass panels for a very long time. Although Moto X4 is not much different from most Motorola phones, there are a few elements about the design that stand out.

The first is the compact size — Moto X4 comes with a 5.2-inch screen, smaller than the trend, the 5.5-inch screen or larger. And it’s not a bezel-less screen, a hot new trend in 2017. A Motorola executive told us they are aware about the bezel-less trend but also cited that not all the bezel-less phones are truly bezel-less. In all fairness, not offering an edge-to-edge screen is not a downside, though looking at the flashy back panel and beautiful ergonomics, it could have enhanced the aesthetics in our opinion.