Paytm takes on WhatsApp, launches ‘Inbox’, in-app messaging feature

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Paytm takes on WhatsApp, launches ‘Inbox’, in-app messaging feature

India’s largest digital wallet app Paytm is all set to take on Facebook-owned WhatsApp as it announced the launch of in-app messaging facility on Friday.

Called Inbox, the feature enables users to chat with friends and family as well as send and request money. Inbox is now live for Paytm for Android users and will be available for iOS users too.

Paytm is using end-to-end encryption on messages, offering the same set of security protections as WhatsApp. It is also offering several other features available in WhatsApp, such as the ability to share live location and recall messages that WhatsApp recently rolled out. You can also exchange photos and videos using Paytm Inbox.

There is a key difference though. Unlike WhatsApp, Paytm is offering users the ability to initiate a private (incognito) conversation. (However, Facebook’s other messaging app, Messenger offers a similar functionality.) Other usual features such as notifications, orders and games are also included in Inbox, the company said.

“Under ‘Notifications’, users can see cashback offers available across all categories; under ‘Orders’, they can view their order and transaction updates; and ‘Games’ will have engaging Cricket and trivia-based games,” the company elaborated.