Survey:Women are more adventurous than men

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Survey:Women are more adventurous than men

One of the world’s leading community driven hospitality companies Airbnb has announced the results of its Asia Pacific (APAC) Travel survey, which revealed travellers are getting more adventurous with 71% of people surveyed emphasizing the importance of trying local cuisines on vacation, and 6 out of 10 travellers keen to try new experiences or activities. The survey was conducted in seven countries - Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

“Our survey has shown that people across the region, irrespective of age or gender, have a desire to really experience the places that they travel to, not just visit. Food is such an influence on destination decision-making, and is also one of the easiest ways that you can immerse yourself into a local culture or community whether travelling with your family and friends, or alone,” said Siew Kum-Hong, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Airbnb.

Some key findings of the APAC Survey are: - 71% Indians are most likely to want to try local food, in comparison to 58% of travellers from South Korea. -Indian women are more adventurous in trying local food and drink (74% ) versus 68% of men.

Women are more likely to try new activities of experiences (71% versus 66% men).

-Women travellers from India (74%), China (73%), Japan (80%), Singapore (84%), South Korea (59%) and Thailand (69%), are more inclined to sample local cuisine than their male counterparts.

The only exception is Australia where 76% of men are more keen to try local dishes compared to 71% of women. -Millennials are more open to trying new cuisines compared to their aged counterparts. The 18-24 year old age group females in APAC are more likely to try local food (77%) than 35-44 year olds (69%).

 However, their male counterparts become more experimental with food in the age group of 35-44 years, with 73%, compared to only 64% of males aged 25-34.

-One fifth of solo travellers cook on vacation, compared to 46% of family travellers. When vacationing with families, travellers do not always have the opportunity to explore the local food scene. In fact, the survey revealed that 46% of family travellers across APAC are likely to cook in their accommodation, as compared to one-fifth (21%) of solo travellers.