China Backs Second Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Summit

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China Backs Second Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Summit

After his surprise visit to China, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un left with backing for a possible second summit with US President Donald Trump, state media said.Mr Trump and Mr Kim first met last June, but progress over denuclearisation has since stalled. 

Kim concluded a four-day trip to China by meeting with Xi in what is believed to be an effort to coordinate with Beijing ahead of a possible second summit with Trump. The US president said Sunday that the US and North Korea (or DPRK) were negotiating the location of their next summit.

During Thursday's meeting, , Xinhua reported, Kim told Xi that he was committed to setting up a second summit with Trump and that North Korea would try to produce a result that the international community would welcome. Kim also said he hoped relevant sides would take North Korea's 'reasonable concerns' seriously.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said he hoped the two leaders 'meet each other halfway', Xinhua news agency reported

China is the North's main ally and key trade partner.

Mr Xi said China supported North Korea and the US 'holding summits and achieving results, and supports relevant parties resolving their respective legitimate concerns through dialogue'.