Trump says ‘shithole countries’ for Haiti, Africa

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Trump says ‘shithole countries’ for Haiti, Africa

US president Donald Trump last day used a racially charged insult for immigrants from Haiti and Africa, decrying them as from “shithole countries” amid mounting speculation about an impending deal on the vexatious issue of immigration.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump is reported to have said, according to the media reports.

Trump was referring to African countries and Haiti and went on to suggest the United States should welcome more people from countries like Norway.

Norway, a predominantly white country that is also the world’s third richest and is itself major draw for immigrants from around the world, might have been on the US president’s mind having received its prime minister on Wednesday, with whom he had also addressed a joint news conference.

Trump’s remarks came during discussions about a legislation granting citizenship to undocumented people brought to the United States as children — an estimated 700,000 people, of whom 8,000 are from India — who face deportation after Trump ended an Obama-era regulation protecting them.

Trump has agreed to consider legitimising their stay demanding in return enhanced border security, which includes his promised wall along the border with Mexico, an end to visa-lottery and replacing chain migration of family and relatives by a merit-based system such as that used in Canada and Australia.